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Pre-University Training (For Foreigners)



You can get pre-university training in the Center of Training and Testing for Russian as a Foreign Language (Russian language).

Center of Training and Testing for Russian as a Foreign Language

has long experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Teaching Methodology: role-playing games and dialogues, audio and video records, modern computer programs, authentic tests.

Classes include: oral speech, listening comprehension skills, reading, grammar, writing and country studies.

Courses duration: 1-2 terms, 20 classes per week (Monday-Friday).

At the end of courses you can take Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).

All year round foreign students are offered 4 levels of TORFL:

Beginner, Intermediate, I Certificate, II Certificate.

First Certificate Level gives the opportunity to enter any Russian university.

Second Certificate Level allows you to enter master degree programs and graduate study in Russian universities.

Three levels of language comprehension:

v Beginner

v Intermediate

v Advanced

Mode of study:

v Daytime

Courses duration:

1-2 terms, 20 hours in a week (Monday – Friday)

September 1 – December 28; January 11 – June 30


December 29 – January 10; July 1 – August 31

Orientation program:

University and campus tour, city tour, visit to museums and theaters, sightseeing

Our advantages:

Free textbooks, audio and video records, free internet access, living in the dormitory together with Russian students (only for daytime students), opportunity to take Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) at the university.

Documents for admission:

v Passport copy and application (on KSUEL’s website www.ael.ru «International Activity» section→ «For International Students») are sent on e-mail: iro-ksael@rambler.ru

v Medical certificate

v 4 photos (3х4 cm) on the white background

Tuition fee:

85 120 rubles per year

Dormitory fee:

650 per month

At the end of the courses the certificate of completion is granted.

ІІ Certificate level allows to enter Master degree programs

Opportunity to pass Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).

Levels: elementary, basic, І Certificate, ІІ Certificate.

State Recognized Certificate is granted.

І Certificate level gives the opportunity to apply Bachelor degree programs

II Certificate level gives the opportunity to apply Master degree programs

Contact information:

Website: www.ael.ru E-mail: iro-ksael@rambler.ru Tel/fax: 8 (4212) 76-54-498 (4212) 76-54-498 (4212) 76-54-498 (4212) 76-54-49

Address: 134, Tikhookeanskaya Str., International relations office (office 324), Khabarovsk, Russia, 680042.

Contact person: Mamontova Anastasia

Summer Intensive Courses of Russian Language

For International Students

Study programme:

1. Practical course of oral and и written speech

Basic phonetic course

System of vowels and consonants. Sounds transcription. Word stress and rhythm. Types of intonational constructions.

Oral and written speech course

Topics: «Acquaintance. Biography. My interests», «My family. Appearance. Trades of character», «House and flat», «Study», «My day. Leisure», «City. Transport», «Health», «Seasons», «Shopping. Post».

Speech etiquette

Urbanity during the conversation with friends, strangers, elders.

2. Grammar

• Noun

• Pronoun

• Adjective

• Verb. Adverb

• Gender, numeral and case of a noun

• Definition system of noun declension with pronouns and adjectives

• Order of the sentence

• Imperative mood

3. Country studies

• «Russia on the world map»

• «Traditions and customs»

• «Russians in the eyes of the foreigners»

• «Famous figures in culture, art and science»

• «Modern Russia (economy, policy, culture)»

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